What is a medium?


A medium is human being who claims to have psychic powers by whose virtue he or she can see the past and future of living beings. They can be fraudulent also. So the prime question is how to trust the medium.

Psychic mediums are individuals who have over the years mastered the art of psychic powers. They have the uncanny tendency to look into the future and the past. They can sense a thing from distance and can describe
it exactly. Some of these individuals have these psychic powers from birth and hence are considered as gifted ones. There are also individuals who were not born with these psychic abilities but have learnt these supernatural powers by their hard work ad determination.

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These psychics have the ability to feel the vibes from a subject which tells them everything about it. They can also sense the vibrations from a future event and hence can predict it at a much earlier stage of life. The events which will be having a larger effect on the humanity have larger vibes and hence can be seen years and decades before they occur. One might wonder that if somebody has seen the world trade center attack than why it was not avoided. The thing is that the mediums or the psychics who are able to see these happenings are either not able to prove their readings or are not trusted too much in this technological world of ours. People seem to have less faith in them as most of these mediums are fraudulent.

Large number of people has these psychic abilities, or the abilities to look beyond the things that are seen or heard or sensed by normal human beings. Still they are hesitant to come in public and prove it. They think it as a misconduct to use their powers for fun or taking advantage of their psychic powers. From inside they believe that future predictions are possible by connecting with a higher power like spirits or souls of dead people. A psychic medium is one who tunes to this higher source for information and uses his or her intelligence and perception to analyze a meticulous circumstances or a difficulty.

These Psychic mediums have the ability to interact with spirit guides, guardian angels, dead relatives of the client, and other supernatural beings. A good quality psychic medium should be able to understand the sayings of all these beings and perform just right psychiatry. Psychic mediums master the art of clairaudience, which is the capability to attend to or perceive sounds, which are not normally perceptible. They are able to first sense the presence of a non-physical being through sacred communiqu�, and then convey this force into the physical territory. There are mediums that can do past regression also by taking you to trance space and explaining your thoughts.

Thus one can say that these Psychic mediums act as an intermediary between a person in the real world and the soul or mind or vibration coming from future, present or the past.

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