What Is Clairvoyant?


Psychics with clairvoyant abilities have been around for centuries and for all of this time people have gone to them for help. Many different cultures have their versions of clairvoyance and they are all fascinating.

What is clairvoyant? From 17th Century French Clair (clear) voyant (seeing), is a term to describe a psychic who gains a paranormal sense usually pertaining to the future about a current event, object or person. But what is clairvoyant, who the person is, can be so much more.

What is clairvoyance compared to telepathy? It is the psychic knowledge garnered from an external physical source, as opposed to from a person. Clairvoyance is also known as remote viewing in some circles, and it’s classified under parapsychology. The history of clairvoyance is noted in many cultures and is usually found around young adulthood. The American Indians noted incidences of far sight in shamanistic coming-of-age rituals. Ancient religious Hindu texts note clairvoyance as a skill that can be practiced and mastered.

Clairvoyance and clairvoyants appeared in Europe along the period of Dr. Mesmer who would “mesmerize” or hypnotize his patients. Often equated with hypnosis, the Marquis de Puysegur, apparently put to test his theories, which were considered scientific at the time on a simple peasant named Victor Race. He would reportedly go to sleep and give out prescriptions to others and then wake and have no memory of his actions. This was considered a science by many 1700′s doctors.

Doctors today generally consider what is clairvoyance as paranormal activity and outside their jurisdiction. But some consider that it is a “sixth sense,” a part of the brain we can exercise and produce growth from. To increase our spiritual level we become more able to sense the world beyond our physical senses.

Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and surprisingly, Christianity, often address these different levels of spirituality and paranormal knowledge. It’s said that humans use only a third of their brain capacity and a third of their lung capacity. Through yoga and meditation or prayer, there is a way to expand these capabilities and there is said to be a way to go above the physical plane of existence. An elevated consciousness makes us more aware and is how these seemingly miraculous powers develop. The new hit TV drama, “Heroes” seems to address this heightened state of consciousness.

There is a central energy reservoir below the belly button discussed in Taoism and Buddhism called “Dan Tien,” meaning pubic region. When this energy filled psychic reservoir is opened energy or qi can be pushed around the body, almost as if it were another limb. The practice of Taoism and Buddhism is to activate this limb. The ways that this spirit is developed is through telepathy, prediction, astral traveling, pyrokineses, levitation, prayer, meditation, telekinesis, karate, fung shui, fung ku and through other methods.

The general scientific community doesn’t support what is clairvoyance, but in “a survey of more than 1,100 college professors in the United States found that 55% of natural sciences, 66% of social scientists (excluding psychologists), and 77% of academics in the arts, humanities, and education believed that ESP is either an established fact or a likely possibility.” So although in general scientists are not interested in exploring this phenomenon there are still some strong
believers and supporters for psychic clairvoyance among college professors and naturally throughout the scientific community.

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