Celebrity Psychics

Celebrity Psychics: Know more about the most celebrated psychics in the past and today!

Psychics have often been the target of skepticism; quite some numbers of people have found this profession and ability to predict the future as baseless and questionable. However, who can resist the chance of knowing your future? No wonder then that in spite of all the skepticism, there are a lot of celebrity psychics who have proven that their predictions have been accurate time to time.

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These are some of the celebrity psychics who have supposedly proven all their skeptics wrong:

One of the most senior celebrity psychics renowned all over the world for his psychic powers is Uri Geller. This Israeli was formerly in the army, and he came to know of his psychic powers at the age of 4. Uri Geller became famous with his television series, in which he performed psychic acts like bending spoons, guessing paintings, making watches stop, etc.celebrity  psychics

However, on more than one occasions he has been tried to trick into an expose, however, each time Uri Geller has managed to come out of it with little or no problems. Uri Geller is still well known as a magician and a psychic.

Another celebrity psychic is Tracy Higgs or T.J. Higgs, she is known for her presence on several celebrity magazines. However, her career took a big downfall when all her predictions made in 2006 went wrong- most of these have come true in , like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting married, etc.

Another well known celebrity psychic is an Australian named Simon Turnbull. His initial profession was that of a singer and song writer. He worked with Uri Geller on a book written by Uri Geller. Simon Turnbull is known more for his powers of remote viewing.

Simon Turnbull actively formulates the psychics club in Australia. He has been consistent in contributing towards the psychics’ literature; he also has been providing several articles to quite some numbers of publications throughout Australia.

Linda and Terry Jamison are identical pair of twins who have made consistent claims that they were psychics. However, several of the predictions made by this pair turned out to be wrong consistently. This was the reason they were criticized for being way off the mark. However, they have certain creditable predictions like the death of John F. Kennedy Jr. would be by plane, according to a documentary.

Another celebrity psychic is Derek Acorah. He is a self proclaimed psychic medium. He started knowing he is a psychic after he started inclining towards spiritualism. Formerly a football player after going in towards spiritualism, Derek Acorah became a controversial television personality. Derek Acorah has done many television shows. His latest show is Derek Acorah’s ghost town.

Psychics and mediums are not new, all throughout history there are several inferences where the kings and nobles have taken to seeking guidance from these. However then there was much more belief in psychic abilities of the mediums. Human history has had several well known people as psychics, these were the likes of Nostradamus. Greeks identify Pythia as a well known psychic, there were several who consulted her. Though during deliverance of a prophecy would speak gibberish and in a different voice and an abnormal state, Greek literature still preserves all her prophecies. All these prophecies were thought of being sent by Apollo himself through Pythia.

Though there are ardent believers in power of psychics, there are equal numbers of skeptics. Most skeptics believe that the psychics are con people who are just doing some calculations or speculations to arrive at a conclusion, therefore, while some time their prophecies come true, most of the times they are proven otherwise.

However, most of the predictions made by psychics have come true, though not in the same time span as mentioned by the psychics. Psychics were earlier known as seers and were revered upon by people, for their abilities to predict the future. Today, it is difficult to know who have the real abilities as a psychic.

Though famous psychics have their controversial pasts, almost each one of the psychics mentioned have huge fan following, most of the psychics are earning their living as daily tarot card readers or as fortune tellers on some popular television shows. Each one is regarded as a celebrity by the media and general public.

Psychics are special since they are either born with the talent, or they have developed this ability by using techniques like deep meditation and Yoga. Some psychics claim that they can hear and see or communicate with dead people; all those who have wished to convey or communicate with the dead ones do consult these psychics.