Psychics and Mediums

Psychics and Mediums

Are Psychics and Mediums the Same Thing?

The question of whether or not mediums and psychics are the same thing is one that has been asked for generations.

Harry Potter is one of the leading books in our time, not just of the fantasy section but of all young people fiction. The famous Harry Potter goes through his first divination class with the unbelievable, yet somehow psychic Professor Trelawny. Finding this professor has come from a long line of true seers brings Harry into a greater respect for the profession as she prophesies about the return of Wormtail to his master, Voldemorte. Throughout Harry’s adventures into the 4th book prophecies play a big role in his future. Is Professor Trelawny a seer, a medium, or a psychic? What is a psychic? Are psychics and mediums the same thing? Read further for more information.

A psychic is a person who can sense the unseen. Some who with their senses and a “sixth sense” can feel the universe in a different way that normal people. Some people claim that there are special people born with a sixth sense. Others claim every one has a special sense that lies untapped in the brain. Whether this special ability is passed on from generation to generation or is within us all, the ability to tap into the mass human sub consciousness, the nexus of our reality unburdened fires a flame of curiosity within us all.

Are mediums and a psychics the same thing? This is a question often asked by new spiritual seekers. To designate between a medium and a psychic we must look into the definitions of each. The definition of medium is “a person whom through the spirits of the dead are alleged to contact the living.” The definition of psychic is much broader: “a person who is allegedly sensitive to psychic influences or forces.” So a medium is mostly a person who lives to contact the “other world” and prove that we do have a life beyond this one. A psychic may have more varied aspirations, psychometry, for example, where the psychic reads the histories of certain objects just by holding them. Telepathy is another skill that psychics claim they can accomplish. They believe they can get messages directly from a person and help them on their spiritual path.

Do mediums belong to a religion? This is a question often asked by some seeking others to pursue spirituality alongside. Those seeking a medium’s path in life can find help through the beliefs of The Spiritualist Movement. The spiritualist movement was founded by several quacks, Dr. Franz Mesmer and the Fox sisters in the 19th century. They were found to be complete frauds but publicized spirituality enough that others became interested. There have been accounts of many wise women, shamans and medicine men who had spiritual healing powers throughout the history of mankind.

Following in this tradition is the Spiritualists’ National Union, the largest spiritualist organization in the world today. You can find this the homepage for this site at They emphasis spirituality through their logo “Light, Nature, Truth.” This organization also emphasizes life after death as one of their prime principles. They could almost be termed ghost-seekers. Like all major religions it gives the non-religious seeker a belief for the after-life. They were founded in 1848 and have a strong background of spiritualist principles and education of mediums and spiritual healers.

There are several organizations for helping people find psychics in the US. One, the American Association of Professional Psychics has been registered by the US government. They offer a certification program for psychics and mostly deal with over the phone psychic readings. This is the most practical way for one to reach a real psychic in this day and age. Another, The American Association of Psychics is dedicated to providing you with the psychic you need and has a full list of certified psychics on their website. They refer to psychics as “light workers” and their mission statement is to bring together psychics.

All in all a medium can be a psychic but a psychic doesn’t usually like to be referred to as a medium. These two terms are distinct and different and it helps to remember them as in your quest for spirituality. We hope this answered your question of “Are a medium and a psychic the same thing,” and we wish you to find what you are looking for on this site and others.

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