Psychic History

The history of psychics dates back to the beginning of time.  Psychics is a Greek word loosely translated to mean, “of the mind” ,and is used mainly to describe a person who obtains information from outside the normal senses of sight and sound.

The earliest known psychics were “astrologers”, those that believed that the position of the moon, stars and other celestial bodies predicted the future, and provided deep insight into one’s life.

“Seers” and “prophets” were said to have powers beyond the norm without using the assistance of the stars.  As time progressed, these names were changed to “clairvoyants” that mean “clear sight”, from the French origin, and also as “psychics”.
“Seers” were respected advisors of judges and priests of early civilization.  See the Bible reference of 1 Samuel, Chapter 9, to see a reference to psychics of that day.astrologers


Before Christianity came into play, and took a place as a major religion, psychics were accepted, respected and embraced by many, especially Kings, Judges, Noblemen and political figures.  During the time that Christianity reigned, psychics were viewed as “servants of the Evil One”, and many went into hiding until the 18th Century.

During the 1800’s the Church’s hold on the Western World was released by corruption, reason and tested scientific theories.  Although psychics were not openly accepted by the major population at this time, they certainly had more freedom, and no longer feared persecution.

During the mid-nineteenth century, “spirituality”, became a prominent belief in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and the strong belief that “mediums” could contact individuals that have left this world, and interpret messages that needed to be given to the living.


It was during the late 20th Century that psychics once again, became popular and respected, and labeled as “new age” thinking.  At this point in time, psychics were using their powers to make a very good living by charging a fee to individuals that wanted to speak to their dearly departed loved ones, and/or know what their future held.

Today, there is no restriction on who seeks the advice of a psychic, as they are sought out by the powerful, rich and the average person, to provide them guidance regarding a business decision, love, health issues, learning from the past, a and preparation for future events.

Psychics went (and still do) go under several different names including: Oracles, Astrologers, Shamans, Druids, Faith Healers, Fortune Tellers, herbalists, Wizards Mediums and Magicians.

It is obvious, that psychics play a significant role in the formation of our history, as Kings had waged wars, and planned marriages based on the advice and guidance of psychics (seers). The history of psychics has ebbed and flowed over time, and they have been feared, loved, scorned and respected by a wide range of individuals.