Alien Encounters – Aliens Visiting Our Planet

Alien Encounting – the real story

Human Beings always believed that Aliens have been frequenting this planet for many years. Scientists have tried to find out the truth and the rational behind all those UFO stories. Let us see some of the exciting Alien encounters that have taken place on our planet. People believe that The Blind Guards of Easter Island (A South Pacific Island owned by Chile) has many such UFO stories to tell. There were 4000 people at one point in time on this small Pacific Island. There were not enough to eat for these people on the island. The climate on the Island is not warm and sunny like the other Pacific islands. Fishing was made dangerous by the smashing surf. It is astonishing when you think the ancientnatives of this island, had the energy, and the desire to carve hundreds of stone giants. They put it in the middle of the island from nowhere. The point that raises all the more curiosity is that they found the means to set the giants on high stone altars around the coast of the island. How did it all happen. How did the people of the island make these statues which were 70 ft. tall and weighing upto 40 tons each. No one knows.

We know for a fact that Rano Raraku is one of the strangest places on earth. All the stones for the Easter Island statues came from the hard lava rock of this volcano. There still lie unfinished statues inside the volcano. Some of these unfinished ones are just outlines while many have been half-completed. There are other statues which are complete but remains attached to the walls of the volcano by a small piece of rock at their backs. The statues at Rano Raraku have the same pair of eyes which are deep-set and closed. All the statues have the same long pointed noses, thin sneering lips, and long earlobes. Interestingly there are still 200 statues still to be found in the volcano crater and all of them are enormous.

There are many unanswered questions as to who built the statues of Easter Island. We don’t who came to Easter Island to build these enormous statues. We don’t even know why the statues were built or who built them. There is another intrigue thing about these statues. The statues were overturned. Do we know the answer and the answer again comes as no. These huge statues face the vast Pacific keep attracting tourists and scientists who continue to visit the island and stand open- mouthed before the great statues. For some people the Blind Guards of Easter Island will always be frightening. For some other people they will remain as the greatest unsolved mysteries of the modern world. Many people have the superstition that the statues were built by people from outer planet who came to earth. Not knowing the truth about these gigantic stone giants we can consider them as a rare case of aliens coming to this earth and carving the statues from the hard rock lava of Rano Raraku.

Another such extraterrestrial encounter has been described by Michel Desmarquet from Cairns, Australia. He claimed extraterrestrials physically abducted him in June 1987 took him to the planet Thiaoouba in Pleiades. The extraterrestrial visitors were highly evolved and millions of years ahead of us in terms of conscious and technological evolution. He goes to the extent of saying that the journey to the planet took nine earth days. This may seem incredible as he describes his journey of traveling through the light barrier, moving in and out of space and time, instead of moving through it.

For many people, encounters with extraterrestrials are usually dismissed as the result of fantasy claims and there is not much truth in it. The media globally dismisses all such reports as hoaxes, delusion, or the result of suggestions under the influence hypnotism. When individual cases of extra terrestrial events are looked at, we feel that it is perhaps easy for people to dismiss irregularities which are unexplainable. The human society has no clear evidence that there is life outside of our planet. Scientists now and then claim talk of the possibility of life in Mars.

Often reports that come from witnesses who claim to have seen the UFO are confused, contradictory, fragmented or simply bizarre, leaving critics ample opportunity to discredit them. We should not take them as evidence of a lack of honesty on the part of the witness. More often than not these people are natives and may not give us a clear picture but scientists should try to deduce valuable information from these. Often these witnesses try to describe events which have been made telepathically and they are faced in a situation which they were never exposed to or they never believed in.