Scorpio Sign


(24th October to 22nd November)

The Scorpions are said to be intense people with a great power of love making and
sharing thought.

Scorpio is considered to be another sun sign which denotes the symbol of scorpion. Those born from 24th October to 22nd November are referred to as Scorpions. There are
various signs and symbols for them which are assigned to the Scorpions. They are assigned to by the element which is water and the quality is fixed with the energy of Yin. The people belonging to Scorpio(24th October to 22nd November) are ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto and the anatomical parts are urinary and reproductive systems and genitals. The keywords related to them are desire, transformation.

The symbol which recognizes the sun sign Scorpio (24th October to 22nd November) is of a Scorpion which is a dreadful creature that is too poisonous and its one sting could cause death. It is the right symbol for all those Scorpions. It is regarded as the most dangerous sun sign to get angry with. But in the same way, if they like you then they just completely make you out of the world whereas fighting with them could make you loose.

There are a number of celebrities who belong to the sun sign Scorpio (24th October to 22nd November). Some of them are Winona Ryder, Hilary Clinton, Shahrukh Khan, Bill
Gates, Calista Flockhart, Georgia O’Keeffe and Dan Rather.

Scorpios are also referred to as intense people as all of them are not considered as brimstone or fire. The intensity comes along in different ways as some are really good and some put their entire effort to complete or establish their tasks. They are also known as workaholics and they complete and work on their job sincerely. If they indulge in any hobbies then it might be something that they will need to be obsessed about thus focusing on it and neglecting others. Make sure that you don’t distract them while they are onto something as they will never ever look about
the surroundings.

To a Scorpio the most important thing considered is intimacy. It is said that a Scorpio in love is in love as well as lust. As they consider intimacy to be very significant in their lives, without it they are known to die and not live. They are known to be the best love makers and many women select Scorpion mates to have a successful love life. They are considered to have outstanding ability in satisfying their partners and are known to do anything for pleasing them.In the same way they also expect their love in return and would turn out to be the worst if they do not get what they expect. Even though many women prefer Scorpions they always fear about various
facts related to intimacy. This is because those belonging to the sun sign Scorpio (24thOctober to 22nd November) expect a lot in return and they would need more from their partners and will never tire in this case.

The Scorpions are always focused on their thirst for physical pleasure which is considered to be unquenchable and their partners are likely to suffer more. The Scorpions have the ability to ponder more about you and know deeply about you. But it is foolishness to think that it is easy to reveal their deepest emotions with you.

The Scorpio always tend to show some kind of restlessness as far as the work progress. They always love to jump from one job to another and this is the reason why they are found to have many
jobs in their life. But the most important aspect is that they are the most loyal friends that you would long to have.

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