Obama calls on the faithful to support health reform agenda

An astrologer’s reading in an earlier post in this blog, that  US President Barack Obama’s leadership from July to September this year while it will give him credit will also be questioned, is seeing action these days.

As Obama’s health care reform bill comes under attack by constitutionalists and civil rights critics, Obama rallied the faithful in his battle for a health reform program.

Speaking before an audience of more than 30 spiritual sects at a BlogTalkradiospecial, 40Minutes for Heath Program, US President Barack Obama rallied the religious sector “to speak the truth” on the administration’s health care package dubbed Obamacare.

The health reform bill calls for accessible and affordable health care benefits for all Americans.

This means “stopping subsidizing insurance companies who participate in Medicare Advantage – skim $17 billion to $20 billion in profits that could be used to expand care and give seniors better discounts on prescription drug.”

This makes “insurance companies no longer able to deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition, or revoke your coverage just because you get sick.”

This means “placing limits on what insurance companies can charge for out-of-pocket expenses on top of your premiums.”

This means “requiring insurance companies to cover routine checkups and preventive care, like mammograms and colonoscopies.”

Yes, it’s a debate between those who want to keep the status quo of letting health insurance firms take care of your health  vis a vis having a socialized government system of letting every American afford health benefits.

Noting the opposition to his health reforms as “not a surprise”, Obama said, “These struggles always boil down to a contest between hope and fear.”

The US  President expounding on America’s history of having succeeded in establishing Social Security and Medicare, said, “That’s what you can do again today to help us achieve quality, affordable health care for every American so that you don’t have families out there who are worrying about going bankrupt because a child gets sick. So that you don’t have people who are desperate about a situation where they lose their job and suddenly can’t find health insurance again.”

Hope makes gain. Anchored on a sound basis to debunk the fears for a feasible health program for all, Obama’s health reform bill is on the right track.

Link here for full post: http://blog.blogtalkradio.com/government/president-obama-enlists-faithful-healthcare-reform-i-spread-facts-speak-truth/




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