Spot your partner’s ‘cheating’ signs

How will  you know if your partner is cheating on you? A philandering partner- man or woman- shows these signs of infidelity.

Infidelity expert Ruth Houston says, “There is a sudden desire to look attractive in order to impress the other guy or lady.  There are changes in wardrobe, hygiene, grooming habits which may indicate your partner is having an extramarital affair.” In most cases, the suspicion of either of the spouse that the other is playing around with another may be true.

The philandering partner “will treat you differently” from the normal pattern of behavior. Cheating partners often use work-related excuses to account for large blocks of time away from home. Working late is the most common cover for an extramarital affair.

“Affairs cost money. A cheating husband will wine and dine his mistress, entertain her and buy her flowers and gifts. A cheating wife will also buy her lover occasional gifts and spends more money than usual to keep her looking good.” Spot sudden changes in how money is being spent outside of family use and recreation.

One way to spend money and be with another is for the cheating spouse to travel far from the sight of prying eyes. This include bogus business trips and legitimate business travel that combines pleasure on the side.

You can also catch your philandering partner with those suspicious or frequent phone calls. “Countless cheating spouses have been exposed, either directly or indirectly through phone calls. Also, a computer savvy cheating spouse will use the computer to stay in touch with his or her lover.”

Your spouse’s  car can contain a wealth of telltale signs  to include a lipstick smudge, an eyeliner that fell off and got stuck in between the cushion seats, or a long strand of black or  blonde  hair  when your wife has  short hair. “Or something about your  partner’s car doesn’t smell right”.

“Eating habits are also a tell tale sign. A cheating partner may develop a preference for the type of food their lover eats, the way their lover likes their food prepared, or the kind of restaurants where their lover likes to eat.”

“Studies show that a cheating spouse is most likely to have an affair with someone they already know — a neighbor, co-worker, business associate or family friend.  So be alert for changes of any kind in the frequency or quality of your sex life together.”

Before your philandering partner will go any further, or you may want to maintain a marital relationship in complete love and togetherness, consult There are ways of how to keep your partner attached to you with not a thought of philandering around.

Link to—-21-Ways-to-Tell&id=763430 to Ruth Houston’s story.




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  1. #1Private Investigators @ 2009-12-7 07:01

    They are listed very well the possible signs of the infidelity. But if you are not sure of your spouse cheats,a private investigator can certainly help you.

  2. #2Giovanni @ 2009-12-31 15:15

    I just want to know if they are the signs of my wife
    1990-2009. although we are still living together she is
    ruthless forcing me to leave if I didn`t like what she`s doing and what she does
    and who she sees etc then there is the door.It started in August 2008 I knew
    there was something going on but left it be.We were spicing our sex life up
    buying lingerie and specials.One full week we had great sex then at the end of
    Spetember it was weird.I felt when making love that there was something not
    right in her motions etc.I took her panties down and somehow got a curly in my
    mouth sure wasn`t mine or hers as she is shaven there.I let it be.Then October
    2008 that was it.she doesn`t love me she wants me out of her life and wants to
    do whatever she wants.There were 3 mobile numbers and one of the lubes we only
    used once half She tects always in bathroom for ages.disappears wandering
    in the centre from 6,8,even up to 10 hours with no money or buying anything,shes
    left me bankrupt as I had a breakdown and spent money on psychics.I can go on
    and on.She denies everything.She says look what I`m doing to the kids and has
    them against me.Her hairstyle is different even clothing.she wants to be like
    she was when she was Halloween she sneaked off to Edinburgh with 4 cans of beer,a
    bottle of wine and the sexy dress I bought her for our 18th anniversary never
    been worn and a pair of high heels.She called the morning after spending from
    6.30pm to 2.30am at cinema.She spends nights at Edinburgh.She says explicit
    things in front of the kids that he`s bigger better but it`s like she`s not
    having affairs She called the morning after saying it`s not what you think.She
    is ruining me mentally,physically and financially.No sex nothing she is
    destroying me and wants me out of her life.What can I do? There is so much more
    not even half I have written.She hates me and will do anything even call the
    police or social workers on me to get me out of her life.Is she having an affair
    or many.She even says that she want to do anything meet men party and have sex
    but to love anyone or have any relationships with anyone.I am sure in April 2009
    she had a miscarriage as she was bleeding bad and used tampons that were hidden
    and she has never used them before or was going to use them..Before she was
    always going on about buying a MENOPAUSE KIT then after she had that you know 2
    days after she stopped talking about the KIT.She`s losing weight dressing up
    going out and taunting me with all the things I confront her says I`m paranoid
    Finally her so called friends won`t come to the house as she
    says that I will ruin their friendship etc.My wife Linda says I`m not her father
    and don`t need to know where she goes and so on.I am getting therapy but always
    have these visions of her with men and making out etc..She is always threatening
    me that if I don`t let her live her life then she will go out and cheat and have
    sex with another man. So anyone out there please send your opinions and answers
    and/or what do you think??? I did forget one thing.Last year I found her on
    ellicitencounters,tummybutterflies,oodle,plenty-of-fish and swinging
    britain.Also she`s going on about a married rich businessman with a £50,000
    white Porche and into property.They were going to have an affair but they
    couldn`t.So my wife says and also tells me that he was going through the same
    with his wife and they are supposedly back together.Anyway he is giving my wife
    advice hell he`s no therapist.His wife knows about my wife and him as friends
    and were going to invite my wife to their anniversary party.Weird.He live 100+
    miles away and would you travel all that way to meet my wife/the friend for a
    few hours a day? and so.

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