Psychic Artists

What Is a Psychic Artist?

There are many wonderful aspects of the psychic world and the domain of the psychic artist is most likely the most beautiful of all.

The new hit TV show, Heroes, has publicized the idea of an artist knowing and drawing the future. An artist who can paint the future is depicted on this particular TV show. Much interest to date has been made of professions which have special abilities attached to them.

What exactly is a psychic artist? What is psychic art? There are many definitions of paranormal medium art, but basically it is a drawing of someone from the spiritual world.  Graphic artists make a grand living doing spiritual or paranormal medium work. artist

Patrick Gamble is one such person. He was given his gift through a certain spiritual experience that changed his life. He now spends his time sharing this gift with others and claims his work acts as a catalyst to help us consciously connect to the aspects of life which often are ignored, those corners of our brains which often are overlooked. He has “clear sight” and his painting depict visions he has received and beings, which have visited him.


Mr. Gambles work has been sold worldwide to healing centers, therapists and private buyers. He claims to see the spirit world all around him and he works in a semi-altered state and his spirit guide or muse, who is a ghost of an artist from London in the 19th century that helps him to produce the images he paints. Patrick Gamble is also a registered healer and runs a psychic development group. Being a paranormal medium artist is just the beginning as it is not just a profession but a whole new way of life.

Another such artist is Nick Ashron, a psychic artist and self-claimed musician. He can draw pictures of your angels and spirit guides. His music is uplifting and inspirational and he produced Trambient Music to aid with trance, dancing, and self-empowerment. He is fast gaining recognition in the Spiritual arena and is featured on television, New Age magazines, and at Psychic and Mind Body Spirit events. He has also written an e-book, “By the Light of the Star (An Exploration Into Creating Your Own Reality)” which you can get free online. So writing, music and artistry go hand-in-hand for this creative connector to the spiritual realm.

medium artist

Stephen Cox is another example of a paranormal medium artist.  He continues to prove in an afterlife through his drawing of loved ones (of his clients) that have passed from this world.  For over 10 years he has helps people find peace and has been referred to as a “medium artists”.  Mr. Coxs’ spirit guide is an 18th century Scottish artist, named Robert.

The last featured artist we will discuss is Austin Sloan, who takes an intuitive approach to his artistry. He creates “mandalas” which are powerful symbols of art used during meditation. His art is available on the web at, and

If you wish to become a psychic graphic artist, there are many avenues and approaches you can use. The main step one would take is to invest in some art classes to test the waters, and to confirm if this is what you are “called” to do. The second step is to go to some older spiritual and educational mentors and ask them how they got started. A third step is to go to spiritual groups with others to exercise and grow your spiritual gift. The last step (and most important)  is to exercise your spirituality at home, privately, using exercises you’ve found through extensive research. I hope this answered your question of “What is a graphic artist?” This question and many more are answered on this website.