What is Trance Mediumship?

There are many different takes on trance mediumship as well as many different people who claim to have mastered this psychic skill.

Through your journeys on the web you may come across the term “trance mediumship.” What is trance mediumship? It is the exertion of a spirit communicator onto a psychic medium. Truthfully, in years such as the present, trance mediumship is very misunderstood. Several mediums consider themselves to be trance channels while they are not truly in a trance condition.

When spirits connect with a medium and cause them to be in a trance state the communicator overshadows the medium, often causing their speech to differ from it’s usual tone, rate, or vocabulary. Even here there are various degrees of trance control, varying from deep to light. There has been much research done on language exhibited by those in a trance mode. There is very often a broken speech pattern, a reversal of sentence structure and an overall change in grammar usage.

The trance state is a sharing of consciousness between the spirit communicator and the medium. There is usually manifested a slowing of the heart rate, as the medium goes further into the world of the unknown. A slow, deep, and steady breathing pattern is exhibited. The medium is not asleep as no rapid eye movement, or REM is exhibited. A lowering of body temperature often occurs.
Then a greatly reduced reaction to touch or pain is noticed. And there are various degrees of consciousness noticed.

What about control? Who has control of the medium’s body at this point? This is not possession or attachment. It is a form, instead of sharing. The medium’s spirit never leaves the body and is not utterly under the control of the spirit communicators. The amount of control between the spirit communicator and the operator is determined by how deep the trance is, and the strength of the mental and physical energies available to the spirit communicator and operator.

If you are planning on holding a trance mediumship there are certain considerations you need to have before you start. The people who you invite to a trance mediumship session must have trust and open communication or you won’t get anywhere. To develop this skill you need an open mind and an open heart. On step to take to develop this skill is to sit in the full dark once or twice a week with people who all have trust and an openness to the great beyond. There is often one medium who only wants to train his or her skills and will not be a good group leader for the others.

To expand your mental capacities there are kriya yoga techniques. Bending the head closer to the heart, massage techniques for aligning the body’s different energies. Transcendental meditation can help you develop the trance-like state. This is to keep the eyes unfocused while looking a small bit over the horizon. Meditating while closing the eyes is also a good practice to keep the
group harmonized and to focus on the inner or third eye. Rolling the shoulders is also a good warm-up exercise to help the group focus.

Opening your mouth is a good practice. One medium practices every morning with her coffee, saying “I give my body to spirit.” Then repeating three or four times, “Spirit come closer.” This encourages the spirit to link to your spirit. Deep breathing helps, as well. Inhaling and exhaling with the mouth open. Doing visualizations, like in deep trance mediations and yoga also are exercises you can do to induce the trance-like state.

As with any type of mental or spiritual exercise you need to be careful not to harm yourself or others when you do this. Your exercise must have a purpose, either to bring yourself closer to the spiritual and unearthly realm or to help others on this path. Young mediums should be careful when practicing for every moment you are connected counts. And you must care for the safety and mental
health of those attending your s�ance. Above all, be true to yourself, and don’t let the spirit’s strength take over. Stay in control of your body.

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