Wonderful and extremely anxious and contradictive means of communication is known as telepathy. It is referred to as the imagination which is also being referred to as something like hallucination
which uses the sixth sense for this purpose. It is present within all but it does not get enough notice for this cause and so we don’t get to know about it much. But there are tests to identify and know about our hidden sixth sense which expresses out mainly during emergencies.

There are different ways to define telepathy and is expressed in various views. Telepathy is defined as the ability to communicate without using the five senses that is normally used by us such as hearing,
touch, smell, taste and sight. The sixth sense that is present in us is considered to be dormant in most of us. Even though is present but hidden in all, at some instance it works out to be of great use for us. Further information about this sense which is trapped or hidden is not known. Even the place where it lies is uncertain but thee are several procedures to know how to use telepathy.

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There are many contradictions and debates under this topic where some do believe in the aspect of telepathy whereas there are strong oppositions too for this. Many of the supported say that it is located in the large areas in the brain which is entirely not used up. But there are others who argue on the fact that this wonderful sense emerged before the brain evolved and for this reason it might be lying else where. But the actual fact is that both these group of people does not know the proper fact. It is not known by anyone as there are several techniques for telepathy which vary such as mental
telepathy, invention telepathy and advanced telepathy.

When we further know something about the happening which are going to occur our instinct just kicks off. During these times it is said that we draw up resources within our unconscious mind. When such resources of two unconscious minds link together at the similar frequencies it is called as telepathy. There are several methods to developing telepathy which includes telepathy test. Psychic and telepathy has a good relationship and also play an important role to develop telepathy.

There are two kinds of telepathy which are namely projective and perceptive that denotes telepathy being either receiving or sending. If you have the hidden sense of knowing the person calling you before you answer the ringing phone, you are a good receiver then. Now you might be remembering of several instincts where you could recognize the caller before attending the phone. This is what is called as telepathy as your hidden sixth sense works out well here. On the other hand, the person you might be thinking of for a while and the same person call you then you are good at sending. These types of incidents might be experienced by you earlier as it is common.

Testing the telepathy abilities is quite easy. In fact these abilities might have experienced by you earlier also. Just think of someone and the person calls you up. It might not work for the first time or at times as the person whom you are thinking about might not be a good receiver so try again and again. While the phone rings try to figure out who it would be, guessing won’t do try to understand the vibrations. It will surely work and will let you know about your sixth sense abilities. If these does not work out don’t ever think that you are not a telepathic person. Wait and watch you will surely succeed!