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Psychic Test – Test your Psychic Ability

How does a person know he is a psychic, or if even if a person knows he/she had some supernatural abilities? How does he know whether these are powerful psychic abilities or just some premonitions every one is likely to get some or the other time? (Am I Psychic)

Psychic tests determine how good a psychic you are or whether or not you have the chances of becoming a good psychic, and choose this as a profession. Psychic tests should be taken only by those individuals who have exceptionally strong sense of premonition and ability to look into the future. Such people, most of the times, get strong vibes from people and have a sense of what their future has in hold for them.

You can be very serious about your psychic abilities and take a test at any of the psychic training center like the several psychic training institutes all over the country. You can get this check done at minimal charges and then find out whether you would want to pursue your career in this field.psychic test

There are many who do pass the psychic tests with flying colors, but are interested in some other field as their career so they do not take up psychic adviser as their career.
Psychic ability tests cover up all areas that make a psychic special. These areas are premonitions, ability to look into the future, after interacting with some person or talking on phone some psychics also have a strong sense about their past and their future.

Psychic ability tests are basically to confirm that the person is a psychic and not a hoax. To be a psychic he has to have strong psychic powers in at least 3 out of 10 fields which are recognized as psychic capability.

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Psychic tests are predominantly divided into certain sections; each section contains a particular questionnaire. The questionnaire is generally about those questions which should be asked to a psychic, and most of the times a good psychic should be able to answer these more effectively than the person who is not a psychic. These questions test how much mind over matter a person has.

Following are the criteria of psychic ability tests:-

  1. Seeing the future
  2. Premonitions
  3. Hunches
  4. Mental Telepathy
  5. Knowing about a person or a place remotely
  6. Knowing about a person you are communicating with
  7. Vibes from people they interact with, either in person or through any other means
  8. Ability to tune into a person’s past
  9. Vibes from certain places
  10. Vibes about the dead.

Example Test:

Start by Selecting a Shape




Number Guesses:


Number Correct: 

Percent Correct:   



In all the above tests if a person has some strong sense in areas like premonitions, hunches and mental telepathy, that person would be a good psychic, all other added areas are a plus, such people can sense far more about a person or an event than normal people like us can.

Psychic tests come in useful whenever you are in doubt regarding whether or not you possess psychic abilities. Psychic ability tests are analyzed by experts and they are the ones who give the results, regarding whether or not you are a psychic. These experts are generally the ones who have been psychics actively or those who have enough education and information regarding this field of work.

Persons possessing psychic abilities are very special; they can avoid catastrophes in another person’s life or guide an individual towards success. They have the power to sense those things that normal people do not tend to sense. This is the reason they are often asked for advice by others. You can consult a psychic regarding matters that you feel have been creating problems or those which have been close to your heart- almost all professional psychics will be able to give you  good advice on each matter.

You require knowing that none of the psychics have mastery over all psychic fields. While some may be able to guide you about your future, someone else can help you about your love life. There are some who will help you sort out questions that you have regarding your past life, therefore at the time of asking a psychic your questions you should ensure that the psychic is an expert in the field your question is about.

All those who believe in science and scientific evidence, you would be disappointed to know that there is no evidence regarding psychic abilities. There have been quite some instances where celebrity psychics have failed to deliver the desired results. However, there are enough evidences from people who have used psychic advice from time to time to sort their problems. You can try and check whether by putting a question and verifying whether the answer is what you expected or whether the advice is correct after certain amount of time has passed by. Psychic consultation is a good way to find answers to disturbing questions like dreams, unsuccessful career, turbulent love life, etc.