Psychic Healers

Psychic healers conduct corporal and emotional healing of their patients. Psychic healing includes different types of methods; each type of method has its own way of healing. They are not considered to replace medical science, and it should be used in combination with medical science. They cannot diagnose any disease, but they can identify the areas of disease. They can also lessen some warning signs that arise from therapeutic circumstances.
By looking at all the techniques that Psychic healers use, you’ll notice that they have one item in common. They all use some sort of energy which is the basis of psychic healing.  Psychic healing is a method by which energy is manipulated within the body to put it into a normal and suitable direction. palm_readingsPsychic healers realign the energy of the body to its right position and flow.Human body produces energy. When a human body becomes ill, the energy of the body cannot flow properly. Obstacles in the way of energy flow, insufficient flow of energy cause physical indications to emerge. Psychic healers remove these obstacles, increase the flow of energy, and bring the energy flow to its right flow direction.
Psychic healers are trained to use their body energy. Their body produces energy in a usable form and enters into the body of the person who is getting the healing usually through touch. From this principle, they can move energy from one body to another. This principle cannot be ignored; it is only useful when the recipient wants to receive the energy and wants to gain the advantages from it.

Some methods or techniques the psychic healers used are followed.

  1. Psychic surgery
  2. Remote healing
  3. Touch healing
  4. Faith healing
  5. Reiki
  6. Qi Gong

There are many other techniques, but these are most popular methods all over the world.

Psychic surgery
In this technique, pathological objects like tumors, pus, bones are extracted from a conscious body through a painless incision without using any instrument and anesthesia but bare hands, and then healing the wound without leaving any trace of the incision.
It is an unexplainable surgery first practiced in Philippines and Brazil. Psychic surgeons or Psychic doctors perform this technique often claiming some magical and clairvoyant abilities. They raise the vibration from their hands that passes through the patient’s tissues and destroys the pathological matters. Psychic surgery is much different from psychosurgery.
Psychic surgery was first observed in Philippines in 1940, performed by Eleuterio Terte. It came into the public notice when an article of Ron Ormond was published. He called it as fourth dimensional surgery.
Psychic surgery became popular in Brazil in 1950. At that time many Psychic healers were practicing in the country. Kardecism was popular spiritualistic movement in Brazil.

Remote healing
In this technique a healer visualize himself in the body of the other person to heal his ailments. By picturing themselves into their patient’s body, they can eliminate energy blockages which decrease the energy flow of the body. For example, a Psychic healer while trying to heal a person with heart disease, visualizes himself into the patient’s heart, takes a tour of the organ and heals the suffering organ. Psychic healers can perform remote healing from a distance. By simply visualizing the photo of the person in their mind, they can connect with the energy system of that person pretending the person is sitting in front of them.

Healing touch 
Healing touch is the process in which practitioners perceive the energy field of a body using gentle movements of their hands, either lightly touching the body or keeping few inches above it. This is a very useful method to calm a frightened child. It lessens pain, promotes relaxation of mind and body, and trims down fretfulness and tension, and increase body energy. Practitioners usually use a moving pendulum held in their hand to point out diseased area.

Faith healing
It involves a magical thinking in which both healer and client establish a faith on healing power of spirits. Psychic healer makes his patient believe that he\she has healed patient’s disease by prayer, hand movements to unblock body energy, or by other spiritual means. Like remote healing, this healing also can be done at a distance.

It is based on the idea that an energy occurs in us which helps us to be alive. If this energy is lessened, we feel stress and discomfort, and if it is increased, we feel comfort and healthy. Reiki is a technique to relieve discomfort and to increase relaxation that helps in healing.

Qi Gong
In Chinese Qi means “breath”, and Gong means “work”. It involves the synchronization of various breathing techniques with different body postures and motions. It is practiced to maintain good health but some practice it as a therapeutic intrusion. It is just like Yoga.