Horoscope signs

About Horoscope signs

Have a look at how zodiac signs influence your life and behavior. Which planet governs you and what can you expect in near future.

Zodiac signs have been into existence since universe started to expand after the big bang happened. The universe is till expanding and influencing our lives. But the zodiac signs which we talk about are confined to our solar system and its nine planet and their corresponding satellites. From ages we have been using these signs for predictions and they have been comingtrue to our delight. But the question remains how some revolving piece of matter.

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(Planets and other heavenly bodies in solar system) can influence our mind and lives on earth.

Now let us divert our attention towards these signs in particular. Both the western and the Vedic science employ an astrological zodiac which divides the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun through the heavens) into twelve signs of horoscope signs

same length. Depending on the order of traversal we have 12 different signs namely
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius,
Capricorn, Aquarius,
. The two important horoscope defining systems are western astrological system and the Indian Vedic system. Out of these two the Indian Vedic system is more ancient and orthodox while the western system is more systematic and flexible.

The two main considerations in this science are to find the signs in which sun falls and the moon falls at a particular day of the year. This helps to predict the horoscope of that day of the year. The yearly calendar is defined by the movement of the Earth around the Sun. we all know that the earth revolves in around 24 hours and its orbit is very nearly circular. Thus it is not that difficult to find the sign in which the Sun falls on any day of the year. But due to certain experimental limitations it can vary a bit because of the effect of the extra day in leap
years. Thus we can find the position of the exactly on any given day.

To determine the sign in which the moon and other planets fall on any given day we need to have the knowledge about orbital science or the other option is to consult an ephemeris. You can also use an astrological computer soft ware with an in built program of ephemeris. This not only makes the job easy but also makes it fast and easy to calculate the natal chart also known as the horoscope. It reduces the job of an astrologer by calculating every minute detail. Now the astrologer has to read the chart to predict what will happen and what is your horoscope rather than actually calculating it.

Thus horoscopes have become technology dependent or in other words technology has also become a partner in this ancient practice. It has made the assumptions less vulnerable and
predictions more accurate for the sake of general public.

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