Are You Cursed?

Do you feel like you often lack good luck and fortune in a certain areas of your life, or your life overall? Do you struggle when it comes to finding true love or keeping a relationship? Do you work hard and do your best, yet have a difficult time accomplishing your work and career goals? Do you have a hard time making and keeping friends, even though you consider yourself to be a kind, fun and giving person with no reason for people to really dislike or avoid you? Are you constantly worrying about money, never able to really catch up and move forward by earning and curseddrawing in more money into your life?

This could simply be bad luck or a sign that certain lifestyle changes need to be made on your part… or you could be Cursed!

How can you tell if you are cursed? There are several ways people curse each other. A person could make a very strong wish, wishing you harm or failure in your love life, career and so on because of the jealousy they feel towards you. Others take a step further and cast spells and do magic rituals to send negative energy and experiences your way. The following are a few different ways you could be cursed.

Spells- A person who wishes pain and suffering for you may cast a spell on you to help them achieve their curse goals. They may cast the spell themselves, or pay a professional psychic to do so. Depending on the spell and the people involved, spells can take a very long time to wear out and die, or they could be very short lived. Some curse spells never wear off unless the cursed person does something about it, such as have a cleansing spell cast, prayer or other rituals that help get rid of such things. Did you know you can order a spell from here?

Voodoo Dolls- While voodoo dolls are commonly used to draw lovers and improve life, there are some people who use them to send pain and suffering into people’s lives. Voodoo dolls are often used by people you would not even expect to be into things like that, but they are- in secret behind closed doors. A voodoo doll is used by pinning something to Eine dunkel gekleidete Frau blickt in eine Glaskugelthe doll that belongs to the person (whom they wish to curse) and then stick the doll with pins, causing the person with emotional pain, physical pain, illness as well as romantic and financial failure (depending on what the person wishes for you).

The Evil Eye- If someone is deeply jealous and envious of you or dislikes you for whatever reason, they can give you an intense looks of envy or hatred, also known as “the evil eye”. Sometimes, a look can be more powerful than you think. We all carry energy with us and share energies with each other. If we intensely look at someone with genuine strong jealousy and hate, real bad energy could be sent that person’s way and before you know it, someone has sent a small but effective curse on you.

Cursed Objects- It is common for people to own cursed objects without even knowing it. You may have bought an antique or used object that carried bad energy it from its previous owner and has now been passed down to you until you get rid of it. People also give other cursed objects so that a person can experience bad luck and failure. For example, someone may give you a gift or item (just because) that they cast a curse on before they gave it to you, so that you can bring bad fortune into your life without suspicion.

Cursed Places- Certain places may be cursed. For example, you may live in a house or apartment with a bad history or where bad things happened before, making the place unlucky and cursed, sending you down a path of misfortune as well. Other places may be cursed as well, such as certain places of employment, schools and so on.

What can You Do if you believe you are Cursed?

If you suspect that you may be cursed, you can have a spell cast to help get rid of the bad energy, so that room can be made for good energy and fortune to come into your life instead.

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