Horoscope Sign Aquarius

These people like fighting for causes. They are big dreamers and continually plan for future. They like to cling upon the past. They make good companions. They like having fun.
aquaris horoscope

Aquarius sign is represented by a water bearer. This actually refers towards the gods nourishing to earth with life and energies. The Greek god Zeus is believed to be the first water bearer. Aquarians are strong and attractive personalities. There are two types of personalities that can be found among Aquarians. Under one type they are shy, gentle, sensitive and patient. While the other type of Aquarius lively, exhibitionist and exuberant. These also tend to hide a large potion of their personalities under their playfulness. However, both the personality types are strong willed and forceful. They have a high degree of conviction but they seek truth. They can change their strongly held opinions only if they are persuaded by strong evidence. They can see both the sides of an argument. They are receptive to others point of view as they can see the validity of the argument even if they do not accept it themselves. They are open to truth and learn from everyone. Both types are humane, idealistic, frank, refined, serious minded and
practical. They are also quick, assertive and persevering. They usually express themselves with reason, moderation and cold humor.

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They are clear, concise, logical and intelligent. Most of them are strongly imaginative and intuitive. Both types of Aquarians appreciate if they are given opportunities for meditation or religious retreats. Both the types of personalities feel the strong need to retire from the world on timely intervals. Even with a group they dislike interference by others. However, with a helpful approach they might allow interference on their own terms. They have a good taste for art, drama and music. They are also equipped with great dramatic abilities.

Even though Aquarians are very open and helpful they do not make friends easily. They are hardly interested in knowing people who do not interest them. Though they do not give themselves easily but once they feel that someone is worthy of their friendship and love they would become great friends and lovers. They are ready to sacrifice everything for their friends and lovers. They are disappointed when their expectations from others are not fulfilled. When deceived they are highly angry. They never forgive those who disillusion them.

They work best in a group as leaders. They look for knowledge that makes them scientists, historians and astronomers. They may also excel in fields related to radio and electronics. They are very good poets, broadcasters, teachers and social workers. Some of them are gifted entertainers while others posses healing gifts that treat mentally sick.

They are eccentric, egoistic, detached and are inclined to retreat from real life. They tend to be very dogmatic in there opinions. The negative sides of Aquarians are anger, resentment and rudeness. There are times when there extreme silence can be threatening and can burst into extreme temper. Sometimes it is represented in extreme hatred for enemies that enlarges towards mankind. The Aquarius is prone to ailments in legs, ankles and nerve complaints. They are also prone to dropsy, diarrhea, goiter and tremens. They must avoid alcohol.

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